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Let´s talk! - A series of Nordic-Baltic online discussion groups on the topic of youth information will start in January


Youth information workers from Nordic and Baltic countries, as well as professionals whose daily work is connected to youth information services, are welcome to the online meetings to discuss and share their experiences and ideas. The online discussion group Let´s talk! aims to strengthen the networking and peer support of youth information workers and youth information services and give more visibility to youth information and counselling services.
Let's talk! keskusteluryhmän mainoskuva. Tekstinä "Let's talk! about Youth Information. Nordic-Baltic YI Group." Kuvassa myös ERYICA:n yhteistyökumppaneiden logo.


The organiser of the activity is the ERYICA Nordic-Baltic YI Working Group, which wishes to create a safe environment for youth information to share professional experiences, peer support, and discuss opportunities, new themes and open questions. 

The online discussion group will start in January 2024 and run throughout the year. The first meeting is about youth information and counselling today and is organised by Koordinaatti from Finland. It will take place on the 17 January 2024 at 9 am CET on Teams. Join here: 

The working group is planning to organise a total of 9 online meetings, each with a specific topic. To provide the greatest possible flexibility and a safe environment, the online discussion group will take place in the first half of the working day, lasting up to one hour, and will not be recorded. There is no need to sign up. Language used is English.

The idea and concept of an online discussion group were created at the Nordic-Baltic YI working group meeting in Helsinki this year. The members of the working group see great potential in their networks and specialists to provide peer support, a safe place to raise questions and discuss, and bring ideas and offer support to youth information and youth workers, both at the local and national levels.

The organisers of the online discussion group are members of the Nordic-Baltic Working Group from Estonia (Education and Youth Board), Finland (Koordinaatti), Lithuania (LIJOT), Norway (Forum för Ungdomsinformasjonskontor) and Sweden (Lidingö Stad). 

For more information, contact:

Kadri Koort, Education and Youth Board of Estonia:
Jaana Fedotoff, Koordinaatti:
Imre Simon, ERYICA: