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Koordinaatti, ERYICA member from Finland will be closing in the end of March

Jaana Fedotoff

Development Manager,



Koordinaatti, a long-term ERYICA Member, is closing down this spring. Koordinaatti's Development Manager Jaana Fedotoff tells more in this article. (Originally published on European Youth Information and Counselling Agency ERYICA website.)
Five smiling people in different colored white striped shirts. Team Koordinaatti.


Behalf of the Team Koordinaatti it is my unfortunate duty to inform that one of the long-term ERYICA Member Koordinaatti is closing down this spring.  

Due to the national youth policy development in Finland and based on the upcoming National Youth Work and Youth Policy Programme the Ministry of Education and Culture has informed that current National Centres of Youth Work Expertise will come to end by March 2024. This also means that as Koordinaatti is a consortium partner in three national centre of expertise, our work and funding will come to it´s end. What does it mean in a reality? It means that our mandate, work and services both nationally and internationally will not exist after that.  

This ongoing process has been informed to the ERYICA Board already on spring 2023.  Now it is time to share this not so good news also with ERYICA network and stakeholders.  

The role of Koordinaatti during the last decade 

The work of Koordinaatti is and has been based on the National Youth Work and Youth Policy Programme, a statutory cross-administrative programme adopted by the Government every four years. Youth Information work as a crucial part to support young people lives´ is not written strongly in a national youth policy strategy anymore.  

Koordinaatti has always played an active role in advancing the development of quality youth information and counselling in Finland and Europe. Throughout its history, Koordinaatti has consistently defended the right of young people to access quality information and support. I hope that our work and the Finnish youth information model, along with the expertise of Finnish youth work and youth policy professionals, has been a source of inspiration for other youth information providers, structures, and governments across Europe. We have always felt that our expertise and experience are widely valued within ERYICA network and in the youth work sector across Europe.  

The future of youth information in Finland  

We are specially concerned that there will be a lack of national knowledge and expertise to support youth information and counselling service providers in a field. This will affect not only the Finnish youth information and counselling field but also the active role and cooperation that we have done since 2006 together with the ERYICA network. The absence of a national coordinating body for youth information and counselling network and services in Finland will hinder the support services for youth information professionals, as we will no longer be able to share our professionalism in any development, activities, and projects.  

During the years Koordinaatti and the strong network of youth information producers have shown how important part the quality information and quality services are for young people. The growing information needs of young people in an increasingly complex world full of mis- and disinformation should be prioritized in national policy programmes. 

How I see the future of youth information and counselling services in Finland? There may exist services in some municipalities and organizations. Unfortunately, the link between local or national level actors to ERYICA will be weakened.  

I have had opportunity to learn from my ERYICA colleagues but also give my input to develop and make youth information more visible and stronger in Europe. I think it is quite a good legacy to leave behind.  

My warmest greetings and thank you for your cooperation, support and friendship! 

Jaana Fedotoff 
Development Manager, Koordinaatti 1996-2024 
President of ERYICA 2016-2022