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Kuva koulutustilanteesta, jossa istuu ihmisiä.

Strengthening competence

One of the important tasks of Koordinaatti is to strengthen the skills and competences of youth work professionals. We have expertise in education and training as well as consulting services and projects in the field of youth work and youth information and counselling work, as well as in participation and influencing.

Our training are targeted for the people working in youth work field. Training and seminars can be organised as face to face or online. You can order a tailored set for starting or developing your youth information and counselling service.

Are you in need for training or consultation? 

Are you in need for training? Are you looking for someone to brainstorm and develop your projects? Are there some challenges within your services you’re looking forward to solving? You can find the expertise and support for all of these from the team of Koordinaatti.

You can contact us about training and consultation through our general e-mail: nutikoordinaatio(at) 

Youth Information and Counselling training

Our Youth Information and Counselling training are based on the training packages created by European Youth Information and Counselling Agency ERYICA. Each package also includes trainer training.

Koordinaatti is responsible for and supervises the high-quality and goal-oriented organisation of these training packages in Finland as a member organisation of ERYICA.

Those who complete the training receive a certificate from ERYICA.

You can read more about these training packages below.

YIntro – stepping into youth information 

YIntro is the training course of ERYICA for beginners in the field of Youth Information. It covers the basic areas of knowledge and skills needed for youth information work and is meant to be an introduction to the field.

Digital YIntro - training on Digital Youth Information 

The training course on Digital Youth Information is an additional module to the ERYICA beginners course YIntro. It is therefore designed for Youth Information workers who have already successfully completed a YIntro or have gained experience in basic youth information knowledge through practical working and/or other national training.

Advanced YIntro

The Advanced YIntro is the training course for experienced Youth Information Workers who aim to further develop their related skills and competences as well as to broaden their youth information expertise on a more abstract level.


The JIMMY training course is targeted at youth workers who, within the context of their daily job, are partially but not exclusively providing information to young people. The course is designed to develop new skills in the field of youth information and counselling for youth workers or other professional workers with young people, e.g. deans, mentors or tutors.

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