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Koordinaatti is a centre of expertice in youth information and counselling.

Koordinaatti is a national centre of expertise for youth information and counselling. Its aim is to ensure that all young people living in Finland have access to quality youth information and counselling services. Quality services increase the chances of young people being heard, participating and getting involved. 

Through its activities, Koordinaatti creates possibilities for the active development of the national youth information and counselling service network. The network consists of professionals in the youth field working in municipalities and various youth organisations. 

Koordinaatti is one of the national youth work centres of expertise that were appointed by the Ministry of Education and Culture for years 2018-2019. Centres are funded by the Ministry. The work of Koordinaatti is based on the National Youth Work and Youth Policy Programme. Koordinaatti was originally established in 2006 and it functions as a part of the City of Oulu’s Educational and Cultural Services.