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Ihmisiä keskustelemassa kuvassa.

NUSUVEFO operation

The online work of organizations belonging to NUSUVEFO is diverse; for example, real-time chats either in a group or one-on-one, question-and-answer forums or other interactive activities online. The starting point of the online work of an organization belonging to NUSUVEFO can be, for example, helpful, preventive or participatory.


  • Promotes networking and cooperation of organizations that meet young people online
  • Encourages the exchange of knowledge
  • Avoids overlapping work
  • Create common game rules
  • Promotes research activities related to online youth work
  • Promotes awareness of online work aimed at young people

The network's values ​​are based on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Seminars aimed at NUSUVEFO members are organized 2-3 times a year. In addition to the seminars, NUSUVEFO meets twice a year in a General Assembly. In the seminars, members exchange information and hear about current topics related to online work. Between meetings,  work takes place in working groups and online.

NUSUVEFO was founded in 2007. The network's activities are piloted by a group of developers, whose role is e.g. approve NUSUVEFO's new members, prepare the general meetings and outline NUSUVEFO's activities. The development group meets montly. In 2023, the developer group will include Koordinatti, Oulun Ensi- ja turvakoti ry, Loisto setlementti, Maria Akatemia, Sakky and Seta.

Nusuvefo's internal discussion takes place in a closed Facebook group. Meeting notes and other material can be found in Drive, and all members of the network have update rights to Drive.