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Youth information and counselling

Youth information and counselling is preventive youth work based on Youth Act. Its objective is to provide professional and generalist information, guidance and counselling concerning information needs and different situations in young people’s lives.

Youth information and counselling supports young people’s growth, independence and well-being. Services are provided by municipalities and youth organisations. Services are targeted at young people, but also at guardians and those who are working with young people professionally or voluntarily. 

The youth information and counselling in Finland follows the European Youth Information Charter adopted in 27th of April 2018 in Cascais, Portugal. 

The objective of youth information and counselling is to support young people's wellbeing and independence. Reliable and comprehensive information provided by trained workers enables young people to make good choices and decisions for their future. 

Youth information and counselling provides personal guidance, counselling and support to young people through face-to-face services or digital services and other environments. Information is provided for young people through various channels and methods, such as peer-to-peer groups and social media.