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Accessibility in online services

Accessibility is about equal access to finding, using and benefiting of online services and online youth work targeted at young people. Accessible services improve access to services for everyone, not just for special groups. Even a small investment in accessibility can improve the usability of the service.


The forum for online work aimed at young people, NUSUVEFO, has been established as a cooperation network for those non-profit organizations that work online with young people. NUSUVEFO is not a registred association, but a free network of organizations. NUSUVEFO exists for its members.

NUSUVEFO operation

The online work of organizations belonging to NUSUVEFO is diverse; for example, real-time chats either in a group or one-on-one, question-and-answer forums or other interactive activities online. The starting point of the online work of an organization belonging to NUSUVEFO can be, for example, helpful, preventive or participatory.

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