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Koordinaatti, ERYICA member from Finland will be closing in the end of March


Koordinaatti, a long-term ERYICA Member, is closing down this spring. Koordinaatti's Development Manager Jaana Fedotoff tells more in this article. (Originally published on European Youth Information and Counselling Agency ERYICA website.)


Communication is one of Koordinaattis main ways of sharing information about its activities, the youth field and good practice. The most important means of Koordinaattis communication are newsletters, online services, social media channels, articles and publications. In addition, marketing materials can be ordered from Koordinaatti.


Koordinaatti co-operate with various organisations to develop information and counselling work for young people and to create conditions for equal information and counselling services for young people.

Our work is based on multidisciplinary, network-like cooperation, with which we ensure the accessibility and quality of services. The co-operation has made it possible to support the working conditions of young information and counseling professionals and to develop their professional skills.

Centre of Expertise for Participation and Influencing

Youth Work Centre of Expertise for Participation and Influencing in 2020-2023 comprises the Youth Academy, the Union of Local Youth Councils in Finland, the Development Centre Opinkirjo, and the City of Oulu administrated Koordinaatti. The Youth Academy is the administrative body of the Youth Work Centre of Expertise for Participation and Influencing and in charge of the entity of the Centre of Expertise activities.

Centre of Expertise for Municipal Youth Work

The Centre of Expertise for Municipal Youth Work for 2020-2023 comprises the South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences (Juvenia), The Finnish Youth Research Society, the City of Oulu administered Koordinaatti, MIELI Mental Health Finland, EHYT Finnish Association for Substance Abuse Prevention, and the City of Lahti administered Kanuuna, which is responsible for the developmental entity.

Short retrospective to “Recognition and prevention of sexual grooming in youth work " project


The last months are passing by in Koordinaatti’s project “Recognition and prevention of sexual grooming in youth work". Lately, we have been busy organizing training events, writing a guidebook, recording podcasts and shooting videos.

Finnish report on youth information and counselling looks into 2020 Century


Koordinaatti published a report called Professionals in Managing Flows of Information: Youth Information and Counselling in the 2020s in the autumn of 2019.


The work of Koordinaatti includes a lot of different development work. Development projects can also be projects within Koordinaatti. Often, development work takes place as a partner in a national or international project with external funding.

Preventing sexual violence and grooming against children in youth work

Koordinaatti's aim is to strengthen the skills of the youth workers about the online risks such as sexual grooming and sexual violence against children and young people.


Koordinaatti team

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