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Writer's instructions

Koordinaatti.fi is our national information forum, targeted to the professional youth information workers and our stakeholders in Finland. If you are interested in sharing stories, news, events, updates, projects or new developments on our web site Koordinaatti.fi, please contact us: nutikoordinaatio(at)ouka.fi.  

We can offer you support in proofreading if needed or/and ideas for the headings/subheadings.  

Writer's instructions for writing an article on our web service Koordinaatti.fi

Article and it´s structure:  

  • Send the article in Word format.  
  • The number of characters, including spaces/blanks, should be around 3.000–5.000 characters. 
  • Give the article a heading and preferably also use subheadings 
  • Write a short ingress that summarizes the content of the article. Preferably no more than 200 characters 

 Pictures, photos needed: 

  • Send us the author's facial image plus the author's name, title and organization. The picture should be square, the size 80x80 px (this image(s) appears relatively small).  
  • We would also need a photo to illustrate the article. That would be the main image. The size of the main image is 1440 x 700 px. You can send pictures in different sizes (however, the main image horizontally), and we scale the images to the right size.  

Links and your organization social media channels/#: 

  • Add links for further information (if applicable).  
  • Let us know if you have any social media channels so we can tag you once the article is published.  
  • Let us know if you want us to use some specific hashtags 

And for more info:  

Do not hesitate to ask for more information. Email: nutikoordinaatio(at)ouka.fi 

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