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SHEryica Good Practice in Youth Information 2022

Themes in 2022 volume of Good Practice in Youth Information:

  • Youth participation in youth information
  • Emotional well-being and mental health support
  • Media and Information Literacy
  • Additional Good Practices in the Youth Information Field 

"The aim of this publication is to highlight the valuable work of the ERYICA network and make it accessible to all those who are looking for a pathway to better and more up-to-date youth services and counselling. We hope that the examples of good practice presented in the book will be successfully integrated into the provision of similar services. This is fully in line with our vision of a network of cooperation: a dynamic and inspiring community, open to new ideas, where we learn from each other. This booklet, which highlights the diversity within the network, is a stimulus for more and more direct communication and interaction." -Patrick Burke, President, ERYICA

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